It Could Happen to You Too.

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My Strength & Purpose

My Fight For Justice.  My Mission To Protect Those Who've Been Falsely Accused.

“Imagine seeing a billboard sign on a busy freeway displaying pictures of your family, along with inaccurate and misleading information that could destroy your family's reputation.  Then imagine the thought of strangers having the freedom to add information to that billboard regardless of whether it's true or not. Now multiply that billboard by thousands, possibly even millions.  That’s what Social Media has the power to do in the digital age; only that billboard is a computer screen or a smart phone.  Now imagine having no power to remove this information since there are no laws in place to protect you.” 

This website is dedicated to anyone who has been falsely accused and tormented online.  I don't like to be the center of attention and don’t want this website to be about me.  That is not why I have disclosed my full name online, along with my photo.  I don’t believe in hiding behind a facebook profile to speak my mind and would share this information with everyone in person, face to face, if it were possible.  Since it’s not, this is the next best thing.  Although the primary purpose for creating this website was to prevent something similar from happening to another family, it was also a form of therapy to help me deal with what had happened.   It has been an ongoing project in progress and periodically updated as events occurred.


Sherry Denise Nettles

What is your biggest fear?  Think about that for a moment and imagine how you would feel if what you feared the most actually happened.  What if that fear involved character assassination through false accusations?  Unlike material losses that can be replaced, your reputation is one of the most difficult things to restore once it’s been damaged.  Now.... for a brief moment, I want YOU to imagine being accused of and arrested for something you didn't do; an innocent act that was misinterpreted and magnified into something hideous.  Then imagine having your mugshot plastered all over the Internet in association with inaccurate and misleading information about you, thereby triggering gossip, slander, and online bullying by people who don't even know you, including members of law enforcement who chose to participate in the gossip.  Imagine becoming the main topic of facebook and other social media sites, which labels you "Guilty" before you've even had the opportunity to prove your innocence in a court of law, only to discover that there are no existing laws to protect you and very little you can do to protect your reputation.  Now, imagine how it can negatively affect your job and leadership status with highly respected organizations that you're involved in and support within the community.  I no longer have to imagine something this horrific, because that's what happened to my both my husband and son when they were both wrongfully accused of and arrested for a crime they didn't commit.

What will be revealed in this website will be almost too hard to believe for some and should serve as a warning to never let your guard down, especially when it involves your children.  Think about the feeling of reassurance you would have as a parent if your child moved in with the family of a friend he'd known since he was 12 years old.  You would naturally assume that he was in good hands, right???  Typically, that assumption would ring true, but not in the case I'm about to share with you.  My family would learn under the worse circumstances imaginable that THIS WAS NO SAFE HAVEN, especially after those living arrangements were severed.  My son’s living arrangements with this family would ultimately lead to false accusations of unspeakable acts, a wrongful arrest, and the savage exploitation of our family's reputation on social media as well as the loss of my son's personal property that he was forced to leave behind.  A warning to everyone.... BE CAREFUL WHO YOU TRUST, and sadly that also includes some members of law enforcement, some of which won't support, help, or protect you.

I was born into this world a "nobody," which means that I'm just an average citizen.  As a nobody, I have learned that my safety, fears, and concerns are of little or no importance to those in authority.  If you don't know the right people, your voice is silenced and silence and powerlessness go hand and hand.  For someone in my powerless position, the best way to describe this horrifying experience is a feeling of having my head placed in a guillotine; only the blade doesn't drop quickly to end my suffering.  Instead, it dangles above me as a means of torture in not knowing when that blade will fall.  You patiently wait for help, but no one ever comes to your aid.  You long for deliverance and closure, but it never seems to come.  Since I have such an intense level of empathy and concern for the well being of others and the ability to sense another person's pain and suffering as if it were my own, try to imagine what it feels like to be tortured times THREE.  That's the intensity of the grief I've endured over this incident since I have also instinctively accepted both my husband and son's suffering as if it were my own.  Empathy is a characteristic that I wish every human being possessed.  If we all had the ability to understand how another person feels in a specific situation, it would come natural to want to help others and treat them with kindness and respect. 


My husband has been involved in The Boy Scouts of America since 2002 and makes every effort possible to get his Troop involved with projects that benefit the community.

Aside from his annual Christmas light project that most people in the community are familiar with, serving as a leader in The Boy Scouts of America is one of my husband's most cherished roles in life.  Sadly, what my husband and son were falsely accused of has the power to destroy it all.  Think about what's important in your life at this moment and imagine how you would feel if you lost it all over false accusations and Internet gossip.

Some of you may believe that Internet gossip is harmless, but it has the power to destroy life as you now know it.  It destroys relationships.  It destroys self-confidence.  It destroys reputations.  It destroys families.  It destroys lives.  I want to help break the cycle of Internet abuse through this website. 

Social media makes it almost effortless to torture another human being and say things online one would never say to that person's face.  It also makes it easier to expose the pain of another human being, while at the same time, remaining anonymous.  A person can be accused of a crime, arrested, and then tried and convicted by social media instantaneously.  I can assure you that this is one of the most strenuous and frustrating experiences a person can encounter.  Your life is frozen in time while you wait for the nightmare to end.  What's even more distressing, as I discovered, is that no matter how much you beg and plead for help, it's extremely difficult to find anyone who is willing to help you, even from those who have the authority and power to offer help.

Unfortunately, in spite my family's efforts to do what's right and live virtuous lives; we were forced to defend our reputation without warning.  It happened after my husband and I accompanied our adult son to the residence where he had lived for almost a year to retrieve his personal belongings that had been unlawfully withheld from him for 7 months.  What was expected to be an innocent visit and exchange with an individual he once considered part of his surrogate family, quickly and unexpectedly turned into something horrendous.  Words cannot describe how terrifying it is to know that what my family encountered could easily happen to anyone.  What's even more terrifying is the feeling of helplessness to protect oneself from what has become the world's worst weapon of mass reputation destruction, and that's social media.  Being falsely accused by someone you once trusted is bad enough, but when those false accusations are shared with strangers on social media by a Government agency that should be protecting your family from harm, it provokes gossip to intensify at a rapid rate, which can quickly and easily escalate into online bullying.  When this happens, there are NO laws to protect you.

I want EVERYONE to face the reality that the Internet is dangerous and with the click of a Like or Share button, your life and credibility can be destroyed within seconds.  Innocent until proven guilty DOES NOT exist on the Internet.  After contacting numerous outlets specializing in online privacy protection for help, I was shocked and angered over some of the things that are permitted online that has the potential to do serious harm to another person's reputation, and it's perfectly legal since this behavior is protected under our First Amendment Rights to Freedom of Speech!  I am in favor of supporting and exercising our Constitutional Rights, but by doing so we are also required to act responsibly by respecting the rights of others, especially online, but not everyone exercises that respect toward others.  Our First Amendment Right is a privilege entrusted to us by our Founding Fathers and should always be used wisely and never abused.  Everyday I watch in horror, as the Constitution is being slowly chipped away and abolished through misuse and abuse.  Just look at what's happening in our Country today!  There are documented cases where the right to Freedom of Speech was revoked in a court of law to prevent honest citizens from speaking out against Government corruption, yet the same right to Freedom of Speech is allowed to justify the actions of those who spread gossip, lies, and hate speech about others. Since the Internet did not exist in the 1700's, where should we draw the line in the 21st century?

"The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers."
Thomas Jefferson
Now replace the word "newspapers" with the word "social media."  It still has the same meaning in the 21st Century.

Just like your family, my family’s reputation is priceless and I will stand up to ANYONE to defend it.  Therefore, by sharing this information with as many people as possible, my goal is to not only clear my family's good name, but to raise awareness for others to ensure that this doesn't happen to another family.  However, I'm not stopping there.  I have already collected information that I'm using in conjunction with my family’s traumatic experience, in which I am gradually presenting to our state lawmakers in an effort to enforce new Georgia laws, which I will discuss in more detail later.  For now, I ask only that you carefully read through the details of our agonizing encounter to better understand what has driven me to this point.  The events of my family's experience are solely based on my eyewitness accounts of what happened on the afternoon of July 26, 2014 and how it has affected our lives since that time.  By doing so, I will be expressing MY feelings, thoughts, and fears from this concurrence.  Nevertheless, it will be the truth as it has been from the beginning.  If others have a right to express their First Amendment Rights by spreading fabricated gossip about my family without repercussions, then I have the same right to express my First Amendment Rights by spreading the truth.  Since it is also important that I protect the privacy and reputation of all other parties involved, including my own family, I will not disclose any names other than my own, taking full ownership of every word published on this site.  As you absorb each word, I encourage you to imagine as well, having the ability to sense what others are feeling, thereby allowing yourself to be projected into our family's lives and tune into our feelings and emotions as if they were your own.  How would you feel if the tables were turned and this happened to YOUR family?  I ask that you please read with an open mind and without being judgmental, because it could easily happen to you too.

Material things are not important.  Family is what's important.

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