It Could Happen to You Too.

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A Wrongful Arrest

Falsely Accused

"What if all it took was a phone call to police by someone you know and once trusted to be arrested on felony charges and robbed of your dignity and freedom after that individual invited you to their residence to reclaim property that belongs to you?  What if you were threatened by one of the police officers who responded to the call?  Even worse, what if you later discovered that the same officer had documented false and damaging information in the police report that never happened?  It happened to us."

Have you ever had something so traumatic happen in your life that every detail of that day became planted so profoundly in your memory that even the smallest entity is a constant reminder of that event?  The clothes you were wearing for example, a song, the sound of a lawn mower and the smell of freshly cut grass, or even the weather.  I remember Saturday, July 26, 2014 as being one of the most beautiful sunny days of that summer, making it a great day to spend outdoors, and I observed many people taking advantage of the opportunity.  Even though July in Georgia is normally one of the hottest and humid months of the year, this particular day couldn't have been more comfortable and perfect, which in some ways added the peace of mind needed to take the focus off my husband's appointment with the doctor that was scheduled for the following Monday morning.  He had been experiencing some additional health issues that had everyone concerned, and we were anxious to identify the cause.  I never would have dreamed that such a beautiful day would turn out to be one of the darkest days of our lives. 

That particular Saturday fell within a few short days after my son had last spoken with the stepmother about collecting his personal belongings from her residence.  Based on this conversation, along with the freedom he always had in the past to come and go to and from the residence at his own discretion, he didn't have any reason to believe that this particular day was any different.  He interpreted the conversation as an invitation.... as consent.  We all did.  Deep within, I truly believe that anyone else in our situation would have also presumed the same thing, especially when you've been told, "You can come anytime."  Therefore early that afternoon, his Dad and I decided to go with him to offer assistance if needed.  By accompanying him there, our plan was to meet and speak with the occupants of the home and let them know that we were there to help him retrieve those belongings.  There would later be demeaning and impolite comments posted on facebook by oblivious strangers about our visit, and I want to make it clear to everyone that it was MY idea to go there.  In fact, I was persistent that we go there that day.  I believed that someone would most likely be at home on a Saturday rather than during the week, so if anyone wants to blame someone for being there, please blame me. 

Since we were unsure of the address, my husband and I followed our son there in a separate car.  He was driving his grandparent's truck that day, accompanied by his best friend who had also once lived there, and all four of us arrived at the residence at approximately 2:12 PM.  There were also comments made on facebook as to why we arrived in 2 separate vehicles.  Here's why.  It was intended to be a quick stop for my husband and I before going to Wal-mart to purchase groceries and then to pick up our youngest son, who had spent the night at his cousin's house.  After retrieving his belongings, my son and his friend had planned to leave from there and drive back to our house to do some maintenance work on his vehicle that was parked in our driveway.  I know this seems like a lot of useless and boring information, but I want everyone to understand that our purpose for going there was genuine and sincere, and there were absolutely no malicious intentions planned as a result of our visit!  My son was told that he could return to the residence anytime and collect his belongings, and we only accompanied him there for support.

This is the exact clothing I was wearing on the day of the arrest. 

I was still mentally reviewing a grocery checklist in my head, so I remained standing next to our car while my husband and son approached the house to knock on the front door.  We were certain that someone was home since there was a car parked in the driveway, but no one answered the door.  Meanwhile, at approximately 2:18 PM I received a call from my brother who wanted to confirm dinner plans we had with his family later that evening.  As I ended the 2-minute call with him, my son walked back to the car while my husband continued knocking on the door, hoping to get someone to answer.  While we stood in the driveway, I remember talking to him about a scheduled appointment I had made to have maintenance work done on his truck for the upcoming week at the dealership.  We were laughing and talking about silly stuff like the unusual color of my bright yellow eye shadow.  Yes, I realize that nobody cares about any of this, especially not the color of my eye shadow.  The purpose of sharing this nonessential information is to make a point.  This is proof that we were NOT behaving in a threatening or suspicious manner while we were there.  I was even dressed in eye-catching, bright hot pink colors that day as shown in the pictures to the left.  This outfit would have easily attracted the attention of bystanders had we been acting suspicious, and I was never able to wear the outfit again since it reminded me of that day!  We were NOT there to frighten or threaten anyone!  Above all, we were NOT there to commit a crime!  We were only there as concerned parents on behalf of our son, who had been given permission to be there to retrieve his personal belongings.

We started to leave when my husband said that he heard noises and voices coming from inside the home.  But when no one answered the door, we all thought that perhaps the occupants couldn’t hear the knock at the front door or maybe they were outside in the back yard since the weather that day was so nice.  So at approximately 2:23 PM he and my husband proceeded to walk around to the back of the house to check, but found no one outside.  While my son lived at the residence, he and his friend spent most of their time in the back yard pool house playing video games, and that's where he kept all of his belongings.  Finding no one in the back yard, they then approached the back door and began to knock.  After getting no response at the back door either, they noticed that the door on the pool house was slightly open just enough to peek inside, so they opened it further to see if his belongings were still there with the belief and understanding that it was permissible to collect those items.  We just wanted to do the right and polite thing first by knocking on the door to make our presence known. 


Now please keep in mind that my son had been extremely close to this family; after all he had been living there.  For him, walking around to the back of the house or entering the pool house didn't seem out of the ordinary or unlawful.  He had done this hundreds of times before, so this had become a normal routine for him that no one in that household ever questioned.  He perceived his relationship and living arrangements with this family as an unspoken and informal agreement in a similar manner as roommates who have the same admissible access to the facilities, only in this case it happened to be the back yard pool house where all of his belongings were being retained.  Instead of paying rent, he contributed to some of the household expenses such as food and transportation.  Based on my research, from a legal standpoint I believe that my son technically established residency of that space when he was welcomed into that home for an extended period of time and paid for general living expenses in lieu of rent, especially since all of his belongings were still on the property.  However, the most critical and significant piece of information to take into consideration is that my son HAD BEEN GIVEN PERMISSION to go there to retrieve his belongings whenever he wanted, only a few days prior, and that's why we were there.  Whether or not this was a misunderstanding, he honesty believed that he had permission to be on the property to retrieve his belongings.  If we had thought otherwise, we wouldn't have gone there.     

This is a screenshot retrieved from the police dash cam from one of the patrol cars, which confirms how perfect the weather was on the day this incident occurred.  Since it was also a Saturday, most people were spending their day outdoors in this particular neighborhood.

This is a screen shot retrieved from the police dash cam just moments after law enforcement arrived on the scene.  Since so many patrol cars arrived at the same time, I lost count of how many were actually there.  I began to wonder had there been a life-threatening emergency occurring elsewhere, would there have been any resources left to respond to the emergency?

Simultaneously at the same time my husband and son entered the back yard, numerous patrol cars, (more than I could count at the time), suddenly and unexpectedly arrived at the residence; so many that an outsider looking in would have assumed that something horrific had transpired.  There were patrol cars on the scene from almost every department in every jurisdiction within Polk County.  With so many patrol cars arriving at the same time, parking in the driveway and in a line along the side of the road once there was no more room in the driveway, it conveyed the appearance that a police ambush was in progress.  Since this all happened so quickly, there was only an estimated time frame of about 30 seconds between the time my husband and son entered the back yard and when law enforcement arrived on the scene.  Try and picture this in your mind.  I was actually leaned up against our car in the driveway with my arms folded; casually watching the next-door neighbor clean out her above ground swimming pool when the officers approached me.   I probably had a dumbfounded look on my face since I was puzzled as to why law enforcement was even there, especially when so many patrol cars arrived at the residence for no apparent reason.  Still, I remained composed because I had no reason to be concerned.  In fact, my demeanor was so calm; the first officer on the scene asked me if I was the one who had called them.  I responded by saying, "No, we're just trying to get someone to answer the door."  The officer then asked who else was there, and I told him that my husband and son walked around to the back of the house to see if someone would answer the back door after getting no response at the front door.  At that time, the officers immediately proceeded to walk toward the back yard.  About the same time the officers turned the corner toward the back yard from the left side of the house, I saw my husband and son walking back around to the front yard from the right side of the house after being yelled at by the officers.


Dashboard camera shot taken from one of the patrol cars as it approached the residence on the afternoon of July 26, 2014.

Here's an illustration of what DIDN'T happen that day!

Once everyone was congregated back in the driveway out front, the officers informed us that the homeowner had supposedly called 911 because she was "afraid" to answer the door???  We were utterly shocked.  That explained why there were so many patrol cars on the scene.  I was trying to make sense of it all and was completely caught off guard as to why this individual was afraid to answer the door for someone she knew, who was accompanied by his parents, especially after her last conversation with my son.  Being a mother myself, I genuinely thought that my presence there would help alleviate any discomfort that would make her or anyone else hesitant to open the door and speak with us.  It had to be obvious to anyone who saw us that we were not criminals, and we were not there to harm anyone.  People with bad intentions don't usually make their presence known by knocking on both front and back doors during the time of day when they are certain someone is home.  Nevertheless, we were compliant and honestly answered all questions that were asked because we had nothing to hide.  However, having confidence in law enforcement (but not anymore), I actually believed that since the officers were there, they would use the opportunity to assist us by acting as a mediator so that we could retrieve our son’s belongings and leave.  I was dead wrong.  As a result of law enforcement's decision not to act as an arbitrator that day, which in my opinion would have been the most logical and fair thing to do, most of our son's belongings would NEVER be seen again AND our family would become the victims of false allegations.

One City Police officer in particular appeared to take charge of the situation even though there were several other officers on the scene as well.  The other officers, for the most part noticeably refrained themselves from the situation, allowing this specific officer to exclusively remain in control and do most of the talking.  We later learned that the first officer on the scene is typically the one in charge, and it's that officer's call as to how the situation will be addressed and conducted.  I started to realize that things would not end well by the tone of this officer's voice, which was very unnerving, threatening, and emotionally intimidating.  He came across to me as a bully as soon as he opened his mouth.  He was much taller and huskier than most everyone else on the scene, and because of his height he was looking down at us.  I'll never forget the way he got in my husband's face and pointed his finger at him in a demeaning and downward direction as he spoke in a loud tone of voice.  Body language says a lot, so I interpreted this gesture as rude, threatening, and incriminating.  He hardly gave us a chance to explain the circumstances behind our visit and quickly jumped to conclusions.  After he went inside the home to speak with the homeowner, he came back out where we were all standing, yelling out reasons why we shouldn't be there.  I was confused as to what he was talking about, but he acted as if we were supposed to know about specific details of a pending court case involving some of the family members in that home that had nothing to do with us, and that the homeowner didn't want us there for that reason.  Why didn't she just open the door and tell us that?  We had no way of knowing this and stressed to the officer that we were not aware of any reason why the homeowner would make this statement, especially after this individual had given our son permission to come by and retrieve his personal property at his convenience.  Hearing this was the complete opposite of what we had been led to believe.  And to be honest, I still don't know the full extent of the details that occurred in that household at the time our son left and don't understand how it had any relevance to asking for and retrieving his belongings.  First of all, in my opinion any pending court case should always be treated with the utmost confidentiality.  In fact, confidentiality and privacy protection is my sole purpose for creating and launching this website.  Since this "case" involved some of the family members at that residence, it was none of our business, therefore should be understandable that we wouldn’t know the specifics of what happened.  Having said that, I felt it was unfair for the officer to expect us to have knowledge of a legal matter within that home that did not involve our family or have anything to do with the retrieval of our son's belongings.

There were too many officers on the scene, which filled the atmosphere with intense intimidation and confusion, especially when the officer in charge began using scare tactics such as threatening to call the DA with his assumptions that we were there to commit a felony and insisting that the DA would agree with him.  What the officer was implying WAS NOT TRUE!  We're not only parents, for heaven's sake, we're also grandparents, and this judgmental comment really upset and offended me!  My son had been led to believe for months that he had permission to return to the property to retrieve his personal property, but we couldn't make the officer understand that.  When we tried, he shouted out statements about certain procedures that have to be followed before we could take possession of his belongings, and that a court order from a Magistrate Judge would be required.  How were we supposed to know this?  (Several weeks later, we would learn just how ineffective a court order in Polk County, Georgia would prove to be when the party served refused to comply).  This confusion and disinformation had been going on for 7 months, and this was the first time anything was ever mentioned about a court order.  Why give my son permission to pick up his belongings and then call the police when he arrived with his parents to retrieve them?  I don't fully understand the law, but it seems logical to me if there was any legitimate reason as to why his belongings, which consisted of mostly Xbox games, movies, etc., could not be returned because of a pending court case within that home that did not involve our son, that the same legal procedures would apply, but a court order was never mentioned or presented to him.  Even though we were only there acting as responsible parents in support of our son, if we had been aware of any legal reason as to why we shouldn’t have been there, we would have honored that request.


It was becoming apparent to me that things were being misinterpreted and the entire situation was being twisted into something it wasn’t.  Something completely innocent got blown way out of proportion from what I believed was a misunderstanding among all parties involved.  But what bothered me the most, however, was the disrespectful manner in which the officer in charge treated my son.  He is a great kid, after all he spent 10 years serving in the Boys Scouts, but sadly that trait is often overlooked since he has numerous tattoos and ear gauges like so many others in his age group.  By exercising his self-expression, he is constantly being wrongfully judged by others because of his appearance.  As we were being interrogated, he was collectedly sitting on the tailgate of his grandparent's truck in a non-threatening manner with his arms folded.  The officer forced him to stand up, handcuffed him, while at the same time saying in a harsh tone, "You're doing time for this!"  He was already labeling my son as guilty without even understanding the complete circumstances of the situation!  The officer even threatened him with more alleged "charges" if he didn't keep his mouth shut.  Yes, he said it.  The proof is shown below.  When later confronted about this, the officer would viciously deny this claim, but I was standing only an arm's-length away, and what I heard and saw cannot be denied.  I also documented this statement in my notes immediately following the incident, which would later manifest as this website.  (My documented notes, together with additional collected evidence shown below would subsequently reinforce that this statement WAS made).  My belief is.... this police officer had just made a biased and premature judgment about my son without having complete knowledge of the facts.  As a mother, I was so angered and offended by the officer's words and aggressive behavior that it became embedded in my memory, making it impossible for me to forget.  Being forced to watch as my son stood there in handcuffs, which in my opinion was uncalled-for, I became terrified at what the officer might do next and begged my husband not to let them take our son to jail.  The officer once again pointed his finger downward, only at ME this time, and rudely shouted, "He's only being detained!"  Then why did he feel the need to handcuff him?  This was entirely unnecessary and unreasonable as he was NOT belligerent, resisting, or otherwise failing to comply with the officer's questioning!  Furthermore, what gives the officer the right to play the role of Judge and jury before understanding the full extent of what was actually going on?  All three of us were submissive to the officer's questions and were in no way behaving in a manner where handcuffs were necessary.

My son was threatened with jail time by a police officer. Evidence would surface a few days later that confirmed the officer was determined to make good on that threat.    

Also, I distinctly remember hearing the same officer refer to my son as "BOY!" while speaking to him and the hateful and degrading tone of his voice made it clear that it wasn't meant to be a compliment.  My perception of the officer's use of this discriminatory epithet conveyed to me that he thought my son was a delinquent who was beneath him.  Treating another human being in such a disrespectful manner is another form of profiling!  This type of behavior offended me as a mother, especially by an officer of the law who should be portraying himself as a positive role model, thereby setting an example for our youth.  It took every ounce of strength in my body to keep my mouth shut as I witnessed such disrespectful behavior coming from an official who had taken an oath to serve and protect.  Unfortunately, this disrespectful behavior from the same officer would not end here, as we would later find out.

Screenshot photographs retrieved from the police dash cam of them being placed in the back of a patrol car moments after their arrest.  The officer shown circled was the officer in charge and the same officer who terrified me.  I was intimidated by his size, his words, and his actions.

As I carefully observed and consumed each and every aspect of this particular officer's words and actions that day, it without a doubt became obvious to me that he was viewing the situation through tunnel vision and reacting on impulse.  Since he appeared to be fixated on the worst possible scenario, I believe that in the end he inadvertently managed to turn something innocent into something ominous, and my suspicions about this would be confirmed 48 hours later in the most unbelievable and unethical way imaginable.  The officer made one final trip inside the home to speak with the owner of the residence.  When he returned, he immediately grabbed my husband's arms, placed handcuffs on them, and said in a condescending tone of voice, "She wants to prosecute!"  He then verbally broadcasted to everyone on the scene that both my husband AND son were being arrested!  At that moment I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs, "PROSECUTE FOR WHAT!!!"  Based on my perception of the officer's actions, his poor choice of words, and hostile tone of voice, I sensed that something more sinister was going on here that the officer was not telling us. 

Even more confusing, it has always been my understanding that if you are questioned by police while under the impression that you are not free to leave, that they MUST first read you your Miranda Rights.  However, we were interrogated by the officer for about 30 minutes while my son was handcuffed and while we were surrounded and barricaded in the driveway by numerous patrol cars, along with about a dozen law enforcement officers that stood all around us blocking any and all available exits.  Under these conditions, it was obvious to us that we were NOT free to leave.  Appearing to ignore what I've always been taught to believe was a legal formality, the officer arrested them WITHOUT reading them their Miranda rights and WITHOUT giving them a clear explanation as to why they were being arrested.  At the time, I speculated that perhaps they were being charged with trespassing since he didn't understand our son's relationship and living arrangements with this family and the fact that he HAD been given permission to be there.  Since the officer had already taken the liberty to handcuff my son earlier, the word "prosecute" was the only term I can remember him rendering as he was handcuffing my husband, so I personally didn't fully understand what was happening and why.  But prosecute?  What would make her or anyone else want to prosecute?  The snippet of the conversation above that was extracted from the "Transcribe Me" transcript serves as proof that we were clueless as to what was going on, particular when my son reacted by asking, "For what!  What did I do?"  Keep the threat this officer made to my son  in your memory to compare with what will be revealed later.  You'll be shocked.


Even though there would later be claims posted on facebook that the homeowner played no role in having them arrested, that's not what the officer said.  It wouldn't be until we listened to the police audio later that we would actually hear one of the officer's say, "Complainant doesn't want to prosecute," and a transcription of the audio would also back up this statement.  Regardless of what "he said" or "she said", the actuality that the term "prosecute" was even being used was upsetting and irrelevant.  But brace yourself.  The audio and transcription of the audio would later reveal information that would be so hideous and frightening that it seemed virtually unbelievable unless you heard and read it for yourself, and all citizens need to be warned how easily ANYONE can become a victim.  Keep reading, because you won't believe what my family was accused of.  My advice - get a dash cam, a hidden body cam, a recording device.... anything and everything necessary to protect yourself.  Don't let yourself fall victim to being falsely accused.  

Digital and Audio Protection; pen and notepad.  Don't Leave Home Without It!

Before they were both placed in the back of the patrol car and transported to jail, my son even asked the officer in charge if we could apologize to the homeowner if we had unknowingly made her feel uncomfortable or afraid by being there, but not surprisingly, he wouldn't allow it.  "NO YOU CAN'T!" was his aggressive response.  His refusal to assist in working toward a resolution in this situation counteracts his training in "advanced problem solving skills" that this particular precinct claims to exercise.  How hard would it have been to gather all parties together on the scene and assist in producing a reasonable solution to the conflict involving our son's personal property that would be satisfactory to everyone involved?  There was just no reasoning with this officer.  Something just wasn’t adding up about all of this.  In my opinion, this incident WAS NOT handled properly, and the officer could have and should have handled things much differently, resulting in a much better resolution for everyone involved. 

If everything that had happened so far wasn't bad enough, when they were outside of "camera view," I had to watch helplessly as this officer led my son to the patrol car by the arm with such excessive force; it almost appeared that he was being dragged.  Still, the officer felt the need to add a little more fuel to the fire by making one last cutting, sarcastic, and belittling comment to him as he was being dragged away; something along the line of, "Do you have any weapons in those pockets that I need to know about BOY!"  If confronted, I'm sure that the officer would deny all of this too, but this Mom knows what she heard and saw.  On the contrary, I witnessed as the officer who escorted my husband to the patrol car in a much more respectful and professional manner.  Likewise, the officer who drove the patrol car that transported them to jail was remarkably courteous and kind when I asked permission to approach the car to speak with them before they were taken away.  I feel it's important that I share this information publicly to illustrate that I DO recognize not all police officers are rude and negligent.  Although I can't speak for these officers and have no way of knowing what they were thinking at the time, their facial expressions portrayed a look of confusion, accompanied with compassion, so I couldn't help but wonder if they also believed that this arrest was not entirely justified, but may have been helpless to intervene.  Nevertheless, they helped make a horrifying experience more tolerable, and I want them to know that their respectful mannerism was noticed, appreciated, and their actions will be rewarded if I have anything to say about it.

The memory of watching my husband and son being placed in the back of a patrol car will forever be deep-seated in my memory.... and in this video.  Please take precautions to protect yourself and your family.  Don't let this happen to you.

I would learn 2 days later on facebook of all places that my husband and son had been charged with burglary, which was the most improper and offensive way to find something like this out.  Yes, you heard it correctly. ....burglary, even though my son had been led to believe on again and off again for months that he was welcome to return to the residence whenever he wanted to retrieve what rightfully belonged to him.  These accusations are an insult and go entirely against our family's morals and beliefs.  It makes absolutely no sense for the homeowner to give my son permission to remove his belongings from the property and then behave as if the conversation never took place.... unless she had vindictive reasons for doing so.  And we would later obtain evidence that proved my theory to be true.  This wasn't a burglary.  If this incident was anything at all, it was a civil matter and NOT a criminal matter, and the officer would have realized that if he had only taken the time to truly listen and understand the full version of the story.  Things just kept getting worse to the point that I became fearful of living in the city of Rockmart.  If something like this can happen to us, it can happen to anyone and leave you questioning most everything you've ever been brought up to believe.  You will learn from our experience that bad things DO happen to good people.

A month prior to this incident, we were victims of a theft when our 4-wheeler was stolen from our property in the middle of the night.  This was a horrible feeling.  My husband was out of town attending summer camp with his Boy Scout troop and my son worked nights.  I was home alone.  My husband was so distraught about this theft since he depends on the use of his 4-wheeler to construct his annual Drive Thru Christmas Light display, that he returned home early from camp.   We have been victims of theft and are NOT perpetrators!

"We know what it feels like to be victims of theft after our 4-wheeler was stolen from our property on June 25, 2014 while my husband was away at Boy Scout camp with his troop." 

We don't believe in doing anything that is against the law, and there is NO WAY that my husband and son would cause harm to another family and inflict the fear and frustration that we endured as victims of theft ourselves.  My husband has devoted his life serving as a Leader in The Boys Scouts of America.  In that leadership role, he is required to uphold himself as a positive role model for young men and boys.  Likewise, my son worked very hard to earn his Eagle rank in the Boy Scouts since he knew that it would have a positive impact on his career once he entered the workforce, and he has held some very good job positions as a result of being an Eagle Scout.  Think about it.  Why would they risk everything they've worked so hard for to burglarize someone they know at 2:30 on a Saturday afternoon in the summer, with not a cloud in the sky, making it a perfect day, and during a time when most residents are at home and spending it outdoors?  The homes in this neighborhood reside extremely close together, some only a few feet apart from the other, therefore most all outdoor movements and activities are clearly visible to others who live in this neighborhood.  (See for yourself from the pictures below).  These accusations make no sense.  Only an idiot would commit a crime under these conditions!  I wish that common sense had been better utilized by the law enforcement officers on the scene, and this is not just my opinion.  It was also the opinion of some well-known, well-respected authority figures serving in powerful positions after being asked to review the evidence.

These pictures are blurry since they are screen shots taken shortly before the arrest from one of the police dash cam videos while the patrol car was still in motion.  They were taken in the neighborhood near the residence where the incident occurred and shows how adjacent the homes are to each other in that area. 

Respectable and honest citizens don't commit crimes, and people who do don't commit crimes in plain view of others.  I personally witnessed numerous people out and about in the neighborhood that day.  I saw people walking around, driving around, mowing their lawns, and doing yard work.  I still recall the sound of the neighbor's lawn mower across the street from where I was standing and the smell of the freshly cut grass so vividly.  I was also standing in clear view of the next-door neighbor who was in her back yard cleaning out her swimming pool.  My husband and son also saw the same woman.  If they saw her, then I am almost certain that she saw them too.  Even one of the officers on the scene that day later admitted to seeing this woman as well, but absolutely none of these officers bothered to question this individual as to what she may have witnessed!  If burglary had been our intention, and I assure you that it wasn’t, why would my husband and son take the time to knock on both the front and back doors, and why would they commit a crime in plain view of the next door neighbors?  Unfortunately, the police dash cam wasn't facing in the direction of the woman's home who owned the pool.  Had I known the horror that would transpire as a result of our visit to the residence that day, I would've taken a picture of her myself as she cleaned her pool just to prove how close she was to us.  WE ARE NOT CRIMINALS and we were not there to break any laws!  We didn't think the situation could get any worse, but it did.

Again, these are additional screen shots taken from the police dash cam video from one of the parked patrol cars.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, it serves as proof that the activity I witnessed in the neighborhood that day did occur.  The object circled is the neighbor I saw mowing their lawn that day.

I felt as if I was in a nightmare, living in a town where innocent people, including an entire family, can be accused of heinous acts and arrested at the drop of a hat.  My son wasn't a stranger and we were NOT a threat to anyone who resided at that residence.  However, I want to be fair and say something in the homeowner's defense.  I understand that everyone's feelings and fears differ, and I acknowledge that I have no right to determine whether or not the homeowner should have been or should not have been afraid to answer the door and speak to us.  But if our presence there made her or anyone else in the home feel the least bit threatened or afraid, it was completely unintentional on our part, and it truly bothers me to think that we could frighten anyone.  NOTHING happened that day that would cause ANYONE to feel threatened or afraid of us.  We're just an average and ordinary family like everyone else.

Although we were unaware of it at the time, our entire family would later suffer immense grief as a result of this officer's decision to make a swift arrest over what was really nothing at all.  This would abruptly lead to the sudden and brutal exploitation of our family on social media caused by misleading information, as well as the stepmother's inconceivable actions and destructive words that were yet to come, by which most people would perceive as "acting in bad faith."  The next few sections of this website will reveal horrifying information that backs this up.  In spite of this and after all that's happened, I would still be willing to apologize to everyone in that household just for being there that day because that's the type of person I am.  That being said, I am greatly disappointed that the officer wouldn't allow us the opportunity to extend that apology and resolve this misunderstanding.  I swear before God that this situation was something completely innocent that would later become blown up and exaggerated, thereby taken entirely out of context!  In accordance to my beliefs and upbringing, I have always lived a somewhat innocent and sheltered life.... free from anything that I believe is improper.  I don't even smoke or drink!  If something brings forth harm to a member of my family, it affects the entire family as a whole, and I did not spend my entire life building an honest and virtuous reputation to have it destroyed!  So it's no surprise that I had never been in a situation like this before in my entire life and didn't know what to do.  I remember repeating those words over and over just moments after they were arrested.  "I don't know what to doWhat do I do?"  Furthermore, since it was my idea to go there, I felt responsible for the outcome and blamed myself.


My husband and son had just been taken away to jail, and there I was, left standing there frightened, alone, and blocked in by multiple patrol cars; unable to leave the premises until the barricade of cars were moved out of the way.  I wanted to leave as soon as possible because I had suddenly become physically ill over everything that had just happened.  However, before I was allowed to leave, the same police officer who had just arrested 2 members of my family forced me to sign some sort of paperwork, forbidding ME from ever returning to the residence again.  Feeling threatened, I signed it so that I could leave and go home to vomit. 

Since this arrest took place on a Saturday, they had to spend the entire weekend in jail.  My son worked a night job at the time and was scheduled to work that Sunday night.  While he was handcuffed in the back of the patrol car his primary concern was missing his shift at work, which says a lot about his character.  When my husband was arrested, he was taken away with the little cash we had for food and gas in his pocket, and I was left with an empty gas tank, an empty bank account, and an almost empty refrigerator from Saturday until Monday afternoon with a minor child at home to provide for.  My husband also has a lot of health problems and was locked up without his PRESCRIBED MEDICATION, some of which he is required to take twice daily.  I called the jail numerous times during that weekend, leaving messages, and I couldn't get help from anyone as to how I could get his medication to him since no one would return my call.  Not having access to his medication during his confinement caused him to become drastically ill, and he spent his last night in jail vomiting and suffering from severe migraines.  In spite of his condition, he received absolutely NO medical attention.  Being incarcerated also caused him to miss an important doctor’s appointment that was scheduled for the following Monday morning, which had to be rescheduled.  This appointment was critical since it led to his upcoming outpatient surgical procedure, which was delayed as a result of missing his original appointment, and could have been life-threatening if not carried out in a timely manner.  I wish I could say that the horror ended here, but unfortunately the worst was yet to come.

In recovery after a surgery that was delayed because of his arrest.

 By locking him up for 2 days without his medication, my husband's life was put in danger.  Someone with his health issues should have NEVER been locked up and deprived of his medication, especially for 2 days.

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