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On April 24, 2014, Former Governor Nathan Deal signed HB 845 into law that now makes it illegal to charge for the removal of mugshot photos in Georgia if the individual meets certain criteria.  (Please click on the purple box underneath the photo to the right for more information).  Any site displaying that person's mugshot has 30 days to remove it from the site upon written request.  If they fail to do so, that individual can file suit for damages and have the law on their side.  I've done my homework and have corroborated this through email correspondence with the State Representative of District 61, who actively supported this bill.  If enough people bombard the owners of these sites with mugshot removal requests, it is my hope that these sites will eventually dissolve. 

TranscribeMe uses a combination of speech-processing technology and human transcribers to convert audio files that can be played on a computer into text.  This service is able to provide a text transcript of the police audio recording.  The services are performed by fully vetted transcribers who sign Non-Disclosure Agreements and follow all standards and procedures of courtroom reporting, which ensures there is no tampering of evidence.  In Layman's terms, this means that they ARE NOT willing to break the law to include or exclude information retrieved from the police audio.  Using this service played a major role in confirming our side of what happened.  Remember the threats toward my son that the arresting officer denied ever making?  The transcript proved that he said it.  It also made us aware of additional and beneficial information that we would not have otherwise known about.  By refusing to review this evidence, this led me to believe that the police department didn't want to admit to any wrongdoing or they just didn't care.  Probably both. 

If you need additional information about this service, please do not hesitate to ask.   Also, don't forget to look for and take advantage of any promo codes they may be offering.



Most people may not be aware of this because I wasn't aware of it until my family was verbally attacked on social media, but there are a mass number of "Pay per Click" websites in existence using mugshots and information about recent arrests to generate revenue without regard to subsequent disposition of the individual’s case.  In other words, the more scandalous the story.... the more traffic the site generates, and the result in the end is more money for the author of that site.  Based on my research, when you visit these sites and make comments, even for the sole purpose of defending yourself and others, you are unknowingly increasing the traffic on that site, thereby making it more profitable.  I found that out the hard way when I made a statement on what I  now believe to be one of those websites in attempt to defend my family.  For reasons unknown at the time, the author of the website deliberately omitted the last sentence of my statement, which was “The reputation of my family is important to me; therefore, I ask that if anyone has any questions about what happened, please feel free to give me a call at (404) 210-8451.  Spreading rumors can ruin people lives and I am kindly asking for it to stop now.”  My genuine plea could have possibly prevented the bullying, harassment, and slander from growing like wildfire.  This omission should have been a red flag that the author didn’t want the gossip and rumors to stop since it would negatively affect the traffic on her site.  With these factors in mind, it makes me question the credibility of some of these sites.  I'm sorry, but there's not enough money in the world that would make me want to exploit another human being by publicizing information online that could potentially cause that person inevitable grief and pain.  I understand that the right to share this information with the public is protected under the "Freedom of Speech" act.  However as for what happened in our case, inaccurate information had been released, so it was like being fed to the wolves.  Therefore, I encourage everyone to please stay away from these sites as much as possible.  The more people who visit these sites, make comments, or click on any links; it generates more revenue for the author of that site at the misfortune of others.  What if YOUR name and reputation were being attacked on these sites?  How would YOU feel?  I have no doubt that the authors of these sites will become angry with me for sharing my opinion about this.  If so, all I ask is for those individuals to please respect my right to share my opinion with others under my First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech.

After my family's encounter with online slander, I purchased a book called “Violated Online” written by Steven Wyer, who was also a victim of online slander.  Being slandered online damaged his business, it hurt his family, and it affected his income.  The book offers advice, tips, and references to help you protect yourself online.  Please don't ever let your guard down and think that something like this could never happen to you.  That's precisely what I thought until July 28, 2014.  I now recognize that NO ONE is immune from being violated online.  If anyone is interested in the information and tips provided in the book, please give me a call.

I want to share what I believe was a divine intervention after I received a phone call from a gentleman whose family also experienced attacks on their reputation and credibility.  But this wasn't just anyone.  The call came from a Retired Police Officer from another state who had appeared on an episode of 48 Hours ID.  During his career, he not only made every effort possible to solve a high-profile murder case, but he also wrote a book called "Too Politically Sensitive," which details his struggles to seek justice for the murder victims and the two men who were wrongfully imprisoned for the crime after he uncovered governmental corruption surrounding the case.  His fight for justice virtually cost him his career since he was fighting corruption within his own department.  Even more astonishing, any misconduct or corruption he exposed and reported was ignored.  Instead of being commended for his efforts, he was reprimanded for allegedly "causing problems."  And here's the shocking part.  He was NOT protected from employer discipline under his First Amendment Rights to Freedom of Speech since he was a ""Public Official."  So you have to ask yourself, "What's wrong with this picture?"  People who gossip, slander, and exploit others are protected under their Freedom of Speech rights, but those who expose corruption and misconduct against the wrong government officials are NOT protected under those same rights?  Sadly, he and his family continue to suffer threats and attacks on their credibility as a result of his honorable actions.

While watching this episode, I became emotionally drawn to him and sensed that he was going through much of the same grief as my family as I watched him fight back tears during the interview.  Unless you've been through it, it's hard to describe how painful it is to have your reputation and credibility attacked.  My connection to him grew even deeper when I realized that we both have similar goals, which is to fight for what's right and to ensure that an injustice of any kind doesn't happen to someone else.  So with nothing to lose, I sent him an email with the link to this website and asked for any advice he could offer.  And guess what?  He called me, and we had a 28-minute conversation!  I never thought in a million years that I would ever be talking to someone I saw on an episode of 48 hours ID!  This is an individual who began his 25-year career in law enforcement as a State Trooper, later becoming an undercover agent doing criminal investigations and portraying everything from a mob hit man to a drug dealer.  He eventually became a Sergeant and a Master Sergeant until he was promoted to Lieutenant with the State Police Department where he lived.  This former police officer is also an author who appeared on an episode of 48 hours ID and hosted a documentary on CNN about a high-profile murder case that he investigated, and he called me!  How cool is that!  He not only called me, he took the time to address all of my concerns.  After sharing my story with him, his opinion was that this incident DID NOT appear to meet any of the 5 elements of an alleged burglary.  He also shared a story with me that was troubling since it was so similar to what had happened to my family.  He told me about another fellow officer who had arrested a young man for burglary.  After hearing more about the case, he recognized that it technically was not a burglary since it didn't meet all of the elements required to try and convict someone of burglary.  When he tried to explain this to his fellow officer, his response was, "I don't care!  This boy is a troublemaker, and I'm going to make an example out of him."  He said that he never really found out what the outcome was but knew that something like this would destroy this young man's life, and he was powerless to intervene since it wasn't his case.  I'm not implying that the officer who arrested my husband and son wanted to make examples out of them, but hearing this makes me realize that this sort of thing does happen.  

Before ending our call, I expressed to him how no one seems to care what's happening to you until it happens to them, and his response was, "It's not that they don't care, it's that most people feel helpless as to how to help."  I rendered empathy and compassion for what he and his family have been through and assured him that his fight for justice has helped and will continue to help a lot of people going forward.  Likewise, I am optimistic that my family's horrific experience will lead to something positive, but most importantly, prevent the same fate from happening to another family.  So I encourage everyone to fight for what's right, fight for what you believe in, and NEVER give up.  
If anyone would like to contact me for any reason, I encourage you to do so at (404) 210-8451.  I will help anyone who needs help since I understand how it feels to have someone say, "Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help."  Then when you take them up on their offer, they turn their back on you.  I'm not like that.  I am also willing to answer any questions or clarify any information that I cannot publicly post on this website.  My choice NOT to disclose any names on this website other than my own is my way of showing others the respect that was not bestowed to my family.  Therefore, I don't want to hear of ANYONE making claims that their name has been slandered on this site, as it is impossible to slander one's name if that person's name has NOT been mentioned.  If by chance anyone who previously targeted my family on facebook with negative comments sees this website and wishes to make a defamed statement, my only request is that you please call me and tell me what you need to say over the phone rather than hiding behind a facebook profile.  It's a cowardly way to speak your mind.  Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am an empathetic and compassionate individual who genially cares about others.  At the same time, I am also a woman whose been to the threshold of Hell and back many times in my life, which has made me a stronger person.  So I don't care what you say about me, but I won't tolerate this behavior directed at my family.  Please be advised.  If you decide to use facebook or any other form of social media to say anything negative about my family, please choose your words carefully.  Any false, degrading, or slanderous comments will be presented to our state lawmakers as evidence, along with all other defamatory comments that were publicized online beginning the week of July 28, 2014, as part of my mission to someday make Internet attacks a criminal act.  During that time I collected and preserved every piece of information that was available on facebook containing comments made by those who didn't have a clue as to what they were talking about.  I have the names of each and every person who slandered my family's name over this incident.  You may not remember me, but I remember you.  Don't make the same mistake again.  You may find yourself in court to answer to those claims, and I can promise you that I am NOT a woman you want to face in court.

If used properly, social media could be one of our greatest gifts of compassionate connection.  Since we are all in this together, we all have the power to reconstitute the good with the bad by NOT participating in online gossip with those who misuse this gift to hurt others.  No one deserves to become the source of another person's prosperity or entertainment through cruel exploitation.  If enough of us demand change, we can move mountains, even online.

And for those who may have doubts about my story, please click on the link below and read about a young woman from Alpharetta, Georgia who suffered one of the worst Civil Rights Violations I've ever heard about.  It's further proof that an injustice of any kind can happen to anyone.  No one is immune.



Sherry Denise Nettles
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